Letter From The Chair January 2021

 15th January 2021 

Dear Christian Educators, 

Transformed leaders transform schools. This was an encouragement from a recent PSI training I did and it has challenged me to think what does a transformed leader look like? 

As we begin our new year, I am sure like me you had many plans and expectations both personally and for your school community and then lockdown and covid continues and we are thrown off our track. We have to rethink our plans. We need to relook at creative ideas to teach, learn, and build and encourage our community. Then as I ponder, what is Jesus asking of me, I am reminded that in Him all things were made, all Truth comes from Him, the source of all Truth and all creativity is God, and He tells us that when we lack wisdom we can ask and He gives generously without finding fault. In other words, I can go to God, not because I am worthy, but because He is faithful and wants to bless and use us, just like Jesus did with His disciples. 

So what do transformed leaders look like? The disciples! Jesus took ordinary men and did extraordinarily things through them. A few fishermen, a tax collector, a doubter, all became men on a mission for Christ. They met Jesus, followed Him, learnt from Him, saw His resurrection, knew His forgiveness and experienced His promise of the power of the Holy Spirit, and obeyed Christ’s call. That too can be our experience, right now, right where God has placed us, in our schools in Zimbabwe in 2021. 

Let us take courage from Jesus’ invitation – all who are weary come to Me. Let’s go to the author of ALL Truth, ask Him for new creative ways to teach our subjects, to build community, to make His name known. 

Many times in my capacity as a mother, a teacher, a nurse, a pastors wife, I have felt overwhelmed or felt I have needed creativity in my lessons, and as I have prayed and sought God’s presence I have found ideas and joy and excitement far beyond my own capacity. May this be your story too. Share with us how God gives you new and fresh ideas and ways to do things. We look forward to hearing from you! Learning is a lifelong gift. Let’s be good students, learning at the feet of Jesus, staying in His Word, relying on His grace and strength and as we learn, so we can be equipped to teach, and transform our schools as Christ transforms us. God is near. 


Sarah Cross 

Board Members: 

Sarah Cross (Chair), Caroline Chirume, Charmian Deysel, Tavonga Goto, George Faneti, Tungamurai Mashungu, Lenard Mudiwa, Daniel Pswarai, Kevin Ricquebourg, Mark Warhurst